Floor Standing Machines

Floor Standing Vending Machines in Essex

Floor standing vending machines are specifically designed to dispense drinks and snacks in public places, and they’re a great way for businesses to supply large numbers of their workforce with food and drink. Floor standing vending machines can also dispense coffee and, with coffee becoming the most popular choices of drinks for modern professionals, a standing coffee vending machine would be ideal for all businesses.

One of the huge benefits of having a floor standing vending machine is the way in which they dispense drinks. With the automatic technology in floor standing vending machines, drinks can be dispensed with little fuss, mess and time.

Canto Vending Machines

One of the fantastic floor standing vending machines on sale is the Canto, which is a top end coffee vending machine and comes with the latest touch screen technology: the innovative touch screen interface and advanced, personalised functions make the Canto vending machine one of the best on the market.  As well as the interface design, the Canto is top of the range for its drink quality.

With the Canto, there is the ability to use a variety of cup sizes; it also comes with 6 or 7 canisters and an instant 5.3 Lt boiler. The height of the canto is 1830mm with a width of 650mm and weight of 170kg. If you think this vending machine sounds right for you then please take a closer look at the Canto.

Tango Vending Machines

If you are looking for a more traditional snack vending machine we have the Tango Snack Vending Machine, which is an 1830mm tall snacks vending machine. The Tango is also smart and easy to operate, with the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, cans or bottles. The simple design and high performance in this machine makes it one of the most user-friendly vending machines on the market today. The new ETL system has also improved functionality, both for communications and the ease of use for customers.

Festival Vending Machines

The Festival vending machine has the latest technology built in that, making it easy to use and maintain. Each 8 or 10 drum machine can be filled swiftly and easily, and can also be detached for filling and cleaning without the need for costly or complex tools. The Festival can accept both tokens and coins, or can be programmed to be a free vend machine if required.

Opera Vending Machines

Lastly, we have the Opera Vending machine which is another high-performance coffee vending machine. Opera offers a greater performance that guarantees premium quality beverages with every cup, and an elegant design that compliments each location it is in, be it a workspace or a cafe/restaurant. Opera is the winning solution for increased profitability, and it’s going to be a point of reference in its market segment for years to come.

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