Marfil Bean Grinder Barista Machine


Very robust and versatile
Colour grey
Large 2kg bean hopper
Available with left or right hand pull
Manual or automatic version
Counter top or on knock out box

The Marfil commercial coffee bean grinder from Expobar is an extremely useful machine that is really a must-have accessory for any company that makes regular use of a high-quality espresso coffee maker. Matching perfectly with the Expobar range of barista machines, this would be a great companion to the Elegance 2 Group Control machine that comes without an inbuilt grinder – although it can also be used alongside any number of other high-quality espresso brands.


Height 600mm
Width 210mm
Depth 380mm
Weight 9kg

This is a strong, resilient grinder that has been designed for use in busy, commercial environments, which is great for your peace of mind when you need to be sure that it will offer long-term performance. Despite this, it is still a cost-effective choice, beating many other models on price as well as performance.

The Commercial Coffee Grinder with Power and Versatility

With this grinder model there are a range of different options: you can choose between manual and automatic depending on your own preferences (and what will be most beneficial within your business), there is a left-handed option available, and you can also choose a counter top model or knock out box depending on the space that you have available.

So what exactly does the Marfil coffee bean grinder offer? Well, all of the following features come as standard:

  • 2kg bean capacity
  • 4-6kg per hour ground coffee output
  • Pivot tamper, which allows you to use any filter basket alongside this grinder
  • Flexible dosing chamber
  • High strength materials used for both the hopper and the grinder’s body, ensuring a longer lifespan
  • Dishwasher safe up to 90 degrees Celsius

With so many great features, this espresso coffee grinder certainly sits ahead of others within its price range – and no wonder when it comes from one of the most popular and leading espresso brands.

Why is Grinding Your Own Beans So Essential?

If you’re operating any kind of café, coffee shop or similar type of business you shouldn’t even be thinking of using pre-ground coffee. Why not? Well, the simple answer is that freshly ground coffee is just better. Better tasting, better scented… better for the atmosphere that you create and the product that your customers receive. And that’s because it’s a lot fresher; as soon as the beans have been ground, the process of oxidation will begin and the taste will begin to deteriorate. To start producing coffee that makes your customers keen to come back for more, why risk making a more bitter brew?

At this point, it’s also important to add that not just any grinder will be up to the job of grinding coffee at a pace that will allow you to serve your customers efficiently. It’s important to use a commercial grinder, designed to grind your beans with a wheel rather than a blade, creating a far finer and more versatile end result – perfect for whatever beverage your clients have in mind!

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