Kobalto Commercial B2C Coffee Machine


Ease of use whether behind the bar or in self-service mode for end user

LED lighting on touch panel buttons

Customised message display

Wide range of selections from the bean and soluble options

Drinks delivered from the Bean or Soluble


Café Latte


Café au lait


Café Mocha

Hot Chocolate

Hot Water


The Kobalto bean to cup offers excellent tasting creamy drinks, rich in aroma and capable of satisfying the most demanding palates

The consistent quality of the grinding of the beans and the accurate metering of the water at just the right pressure, ensure the creation of a drink that is characterised by its strong aroma.


Height 920mm
Width 470mm
Depth 570mm
Weight 78Kg


Ingredient Canisters:

Coffee beans 1.2Kg
Soluble Coffee 0.35Kg
Chocolate 1.9Kg
Whitener 0.7Kg



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